How To Join

Being a Rebel Legion Member

If you own a Rebel, Republic, Naboo, or other ‘good guy’ costume from the Star Wars saga and want to enlist, just follow the steps below.  There are some basic requirements:

  • Members need to be at least 18 years old (Due to the informal nature of this club, we cannot accept minors as members.)
  • Be a resident of Wyoming or Colorado (USA) – for other locations, find your local base/outpost here: Rebel Legion World Map
  • To maintain your membership, attend at least one official event annually.

What’s the Reason for Approvals

Because we sometimes represent Lucasfilm in events, there is a required set of standards that we all stick to world-wide so our costumes are consistent no matter where we are.

Where to Start

Choose your Character

For each character approvable by the Rebel Legion, there is a detailed guide of the standards that the chosen costume must meet. The complete Costume Reference Library (CRL) can be found here: Rebel Legion Costume Reference Library.

It is highly recommended to continue referring to this list as you go through the costume creation – or – provide the list to the person from whom you’ll commission the costume pieces.

Collect Reference Material

You can look to many sources to supplement the Costume Standards found in the CRL listed above – some recommendations include:

  • Official promotional photos found in magazines, books, and on websites
  • Images from costuming books
  • Screen captures from movies, tv shows, and other digital media
  • Reference photos found on the Rebel Legion Forums
  • Photos taken at costume exhibits (Star Wars Celebration, Star Wars™ and the Power of Costume traveling costume exhibit, various conventions where official costumes were displayed)

Create your Costume

Join the Rebel Legion Forums

There is a wealth of information available on the Rebel Legion Forums, including access to Work in Progress (WIP) threads by other customers who are working on or have completed the specific costume you are. You can join the forums without being a member – and we recommend asking all your questions, reaching out for help, and clarifying requirements in the CRL.

Look to Local Members for Assistance

We have a local group of highly skilled people who have made some of these costumes before. From sewing and leatherworking to building armor, you’ll likely find someone locally who can assist or point you in the right direction as you work on your costume. Anyone can join the Rebel Legion: Mountain Base Build Group on Facebook. We’re happy to help.

Keep a Record of your Progress

Start taking photos of your progress – you can start a free album on Imgur or Google Photos that will help you both keep a record of your steps and give you a place to link to when creating your WIP thread on the Rebel Legion Forums.

This album will also be a valuable asset during the submission process, as you can send a link to the person evaluating your costume, allowing them to see details and all of your hard work.

Constantly Refer to the Costume Standard

Use this standard as a checklist, as that’s what the costume judge will be referring to. The closer you can stick to it, the better – use it as a checklist as you work on your costume to ensure you fulfill each requirement.

Submitting for Membership

Prep your submission photos.

There are five official photos you’ll need to provide as part of your submission – here are some hints to ensure you have the required photos.

Photos of your costume from all four sides with a neutral background. See the examples below:

One action shot – that will be turned into your membership photo once you’ve been approved

Tips and Tricks for Your Submission Photos

  • Take your picture against a plain background in a well-lit area.
  • Make sure you are close to a wall if you use a flash.
  • Make sure most of your costume is visible. If all we can see is your Jedi robe, we need additional photos to ensure you have a complete outfit.
  • Take several photos and choose the best one.

Submitting your Costume for Approval

Fill out your application by logging into the Rebel Legion Forums and navigating to the application page by clicking on the My Costumes link and then Add a Costume.

Fill out the application as prompted – using Imgur direct links for your submission photos.

Once you’ve submitted your application – you’ll receive an email to the email address you used to setup your account on the Rebel Legion Forums.

What are the Next Steps after You’ve Submitted

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be assigned a judge. The judge will not be part of the local base – and could be from anywhere North American region. That judge will be an expert in the type of costume you’ve submitted and will be referring to the CRL for the costume you’ve submitted.

That judge will reach out to you directly and inform you when they can go through your costume in detail:

If your costume is approved just after submission – congratulations! You’ll have an official image generated and be included in all of the Rebel Legion: Mountain Base communications and official forums.

If suggestions or changes are necessary for approval, your costume judge will provide the following steps and help you answer any questions. Once you’ve addressed any additional changes, your costume will be approved!

Additional Resources

Rebel Legion Membership Qualifications – You’ll find even more detail about membership.